Social Interactivity

In order to engage the audience further, The Handbag Project will utilise social media platforms to provide a place for the audience to share their ideas, connect with others, discuss the content online and, most importantly, to contribute. In order to ensure the longevity of the project, the audience’s contributions will expand the scope of the documentary. Submitting and circulating images or text documenting what is in women’s handbags will add to the data collected in the standalone, online documentary.

These are the pros and cons of different platforms I’ve considered.

  • Facebook – a Facebook page can be used as a central forum where people can talk, comment and post their own content. Widest demographic to engage with.
  • Twitter – as Twitter circulates with trending hashtags, it will be an easy way to circulate images with minimal character counts.
  • Tumblr – it’s possible to submit images to a tumblr, encouraging people to contribute easily.


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